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OpenFE Team Meeting

January 4, 2013

This document contains lightly edited notes taken on-the-fly during a team meeting.


Big Picture Goals

  • Lots of students working on HFOSS projects in collaboration with professionals
  • Groups of faculty and students that are core contributors of HFOSS projects

Create a matrix for evaluation:

  1. Key evaluation questions - questions that are on our minds. What is it that we want to know?
  2. Data collection procedures - How do we find this out?
  3. Measures - What are the metrics? How do you know that X has been accomplished?

Comprehensive Model for Faculty Development:

  • How does this map to activities?
  • Developing Comprehensive Model wasn't in the original grant, but it's a product - Related to Task 1.1

Measuring Student Learning and Engagement

  • Need to be flexible about where students will engage in FOSS during their education.
  • Could be within class but could also be outside a class or other extra-curricular activity
  • Need to be able measure outside classroom learning as well as "incidental" learning (i.e., learning that is not directly related to topic in classoorm)
    • Will this type of learning be valued as much as inside classroom?
    • Values in the curriculum models
    • Problem solving
    • Soft skills


  • Model how faculty can engage students in FOSS

Group Informatics

  • Use trace data and make social sense of small group online activities to determine spectrum of success to failure of a community
  • When group participants get information about other group participants, that is motivating
  • Group informatics works to provide this

Project Evaluator: John Sener John brings evaluation experience including serving as evaluator on other NSF projects. Background highlights:

  • On-line education
  • NSF project evaluation including TUES and ATE
  • Background in community colleges
  • SLOAN Consortium
  • View of evaluator as liaison between what was written in the grant and what work actually got carried out.

Goals, Objectives and Tasks

  • If we were creating the proposal now, we would probably include an Objective 3.3 which would include designing and delivering a series of out-of-class/extra-curriculuar activities
  • Goals 1.x map into HFOSS Faculty Development Model (new version in Dropbox with components annotated with goals)

Schedule of Tasks

Goal 1.1 Extend and refine POSSE curriculum - May 1, Participants: Coordinator - HE; All

  • Need intermediate milestones
  • Dates to freeze curriculum for review, review, feedback and revision
  • May 1 final date for pre-POSSE activities and also evaluation

Goal 1.2 Enlist prospective POSSE participants to contribute to review and refinement of instructor preparation approach. mid-April, LP

  • People who might be interested include: Alyce Brady, Revi Sterling, Clif Kussmaul,...
  • Date dependent on timeline set on 1.1

Goal 3.1 Develop an online environment to support the instructor learning groups. Mid-May

  • Hire student - mid Jan
  • Ensemble evaluated by end of Jan
    • Integrate with Drupal (Moodle)

Goal 3.2 Facilitate connection with HFOSS projects and instructors.

  • Outreach to HFOSS community - make ourselves visible in community -
    • Join an HFOSS community and make ourselves known - All
    • On the TOS list
  • Move towards an HFOSS directory - end of February
    • Michelle evaluate projects/GH, SJ
    • Contact large humanitarian FOSS projects for other large players - what are these? - GH, HE
    • Plan for how to push the directory forward
  • Blog post - copy NSF program director
  • Get someone from an HFOSS project to come to the SIGCSE materials sprint
  • TOS: Anyone from active HFOSS project going to SIGCSE?
    • Can RedHat send someone to participate?
  • How do we set milestones for this?

Goal 5.1 Select several HFOSS projects and foster OpenFE participation in those projects.- All

  • End of January everyone have a project that they're connected to

Goal 2.1 Conduct a POSSE workshop - May/June

  • sometime the week of June 3rd - perhaps Monday/Tuesday? Drexel? Sean prefers Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday (front of week)
    • 20 attendees
    • arrangements GH
    • publicity DB - end of Jan
    • Handouts for SIGCSE
    • Announcements on TOS
    • Other Recruitment
    • Locate instructors - GH/HE
      • Possible interest: 1. RedHat, 2. TOS, 3. Joanie - invite other HFOSS folks?

Goal 2.2 Create instructor learning groups for professional development attendees - SG Goal 4.1 Collect and package existing FOSS instructional materials

  • May 1 for pre-POSSE activities finalized
  • LP, SJ (lead), HE (help), DB
  • TOS: Possible interested people include: Clif Kussmaul, Matt Jadud, Luis Ibanez
  • Align "Activity Template" with EdRepo - LP
  • Need to check for overlap with POSSE curriculum development

Goal 4.4 Pilot test OpenFE activities for the CS Principles course - GH (Tammy Pirman) Goal 5.2 Create collaborations with domain experts and FOSS experts and actively advance some smaller, newer HFOSS projects.

  • GNOME MouseTrap
  • Perhaps Karl's museum project (too early to know)
  • Explore partnering with Revi to identify possible HFOSS projects to create
    • What other projects could we as foss2serve create/generate?
  • Follow-up with Jon Preston about educational games

Faculty Workshop Planning

  1. Workshop Preparation
    • Need location to post answers publicaly (see pre-workshop)
    • Need to have environment configured by May 1
    • Require people to pick a project before starting?
    • Limit participation to N people projects
  2. Pre-Workshop - done by end of January
    1. Define the process for workshop and pre-work - HE
      • Allow faculty to have anonymous handles to diminish fear of failing publicly
      • 12-15 hours of pre-work
      • Use evaluation to provide evidence that an activity has been completed
      • Have participants post answers to group location where others can review
      • Phrase the pre-stuff as an onramp rather than a set of tasks or hurdles to complete
      • Should there be a schedule? Including milestones when various things are due?
    2. Decide which activities are "critical" and which are optional - HE
      • Critical activities must be completed before the workshop
      • Scaffold activities - give a date by which wiki must be done
      • Emphasize the communication tools first
      • Use communication tools to provide entre into the community so that community can support learning
        • IRC, Wiki, Piratepad, listserv,
    3. Identify sources for pre-workshop activities - HE
    4. Complete the activity template - LP - match to Dublin Core standards - GH get LP a list of Dublin core terms -
    5. Complete 1-2 more pre-workshop activities - SJ
  3. During-Workshop
    • Curriculum topics need to be reviewed and finalized - HE/GH
    • How do you take advantage of having everyone together?
    • How do you get people to work together?
    • Need to see what we have for FOSS instructors and possible materials
    • People who might be interested include: Greg Dek, Mel, Karsten Joanie, Luis
    • Need to reschedule phone call with MRC - HE/GH
  4. Post-Workshop
    • Share back
    • Evaluation of experience
    • Feedback
    • Download and install project related to small group


  • How do we organize project management?
  • Look at some project management tools: RedMine, Asana, Trac? - GH/SJ
  • TOS:
    • Contact TOS originators to talk about changing the wiki - need higher permissions
    • Involve TOS community in the effort
    • Delay until the end of first quarter - or perhaps discuss at Pre-SIGCSE event?


  • Need to find the right publication community
  • CSCL?
    • Need strong evaluation outcomes to support more research-oriented publications
  • Definitely SIGCSE, FIE, CCSC, ICSE, CSEET, Sloan?,


  • SIGCSE paper submitted August 2013 on MouseTrap
  • Create a publication plan - HE/GH

To Do List

Item Person Due Date Status
Contact NSF Program Officer for OpenFE HE/GH 1/7/13 Done
Post SIGCSE workshop to TOS HE 1/7/13 Pending
Keep log of OpenFE activities All Continuing
Need a page/section on the wiki that enumerates the different opportunities for FOSS such including the extra-curricular activities DB/LP 2/28/13
Investigate possibility of instrumenting Ensemble site SG ??
Create evaluation instrument for workshop - Want an immediate instrument and one for 6-12 months (?) post JS/GH 5/1/13
Create evaluation for post workshop activities to measure community JS/SG 6/1/13
Create evaluation instrument for Pre-SIGCSE event JS/HE 3/1/2013
Create evaluation for MouseTrap participants JS/HE/DB 2/1/2013
Create a visual map of Goals/Objectives to Activities JS 6/1/2013

Further Information


  • GNOME Newcommer's Tutorial

Items in Dropbox

  • Grant Proposal added "DescriptionOpenFE - submitted.doc"
  • Diagram added "HFOSS Faculty Development Model_V2.doc"
  • Goal annotated diagram added "HFOSS Faculty Development Model_V2_G1.doc"
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