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OpenFE Team Meeting Agenda

Nassau Community College
January 8-9, 2015

Schedule Overview

  • Thursday:
    • AM - Travel
    • PM - Meetings
    • Target start time of 12pm at NCC - Lunch will be provided
    • Casual / Working dinner
      • Pick your dinner selection from the take out menu and by noon Wed. 1/7 and note below.
      • Lori - would it make sense to order a large salad to share? (assuming they do things like that)
        • Greg and Sean: Eggplant Parmigiana Pizza, Mighty Medium 16
        • Heidi: Chicken francaise Bento box with italian dressing on the side. If by some chance that is a lunch-only option, A.B.F.Chicken Alla Griglia Salad.
        • Stoney: Rigatoni Amatriciano
        • Darci: A.B.F.Chicken Alla Griglia Salad
    • Work until 8 or 9 Thursday evening
  • Friday:
    • Continue work
    • Goal of working until 3pm at least depending on when people need to travel to get home.

Goals for this Meeting

  • Assess status of the project relative to the proposal
  • Plan actions needed to stay on track with the proposal
  • Plan upcoming events for SIGCSE, CCSCNE, POSSE
  • Identify / summarize what has been accomplished (in part for year 3 annual report)
  • Plan 2015 activity



  • Review of budget status

Planning for upcoming events

  • Course materials sprint
  • Academic and HFOSS community summit about education for HFOSS


  • Planning for 2015
  • Stage 1
    • What revisions are needed?
    • 6 vs 8 weeks
    • Participation by POSSE alums of HFOSS project people
  • Stage 2
    • Date and location
    • Advertising
    • Team attendees and instructors
    • POSSE alum who might attend and present - including having alums start to be full instructors
    • What revisions are needed?
  • Stage 3
    • Assessing success of stage 3
    • How can we better support stage 3 faculty?
    • Plan more organized faculty mentoring?
  • Red Hat support / participation in POSSE

Teaching materials

  • How well have we packaged what we have?
    • OAI-PMH
  • How do we create/collect more materials?
  • Should we hold a learning materials sprint? (Inspire -CT funds?)
  • How do we encourage more contributions by POSSE grads?
    • Use of stipends funds


  • Measurements as defined in proposal
  • Status of instruments
  • Direct measurement of learning
    • What sort of study designs are possible?
    • Do we need instruments for this?
    • Are there existing instruments that we might use, especially for professional skills?
  • How to measure stage 3 activity
  • One year post survey for POSSE alum
  • Tracking of individual POSSE alums and what they do with HFOSS

Group Informatics

  • Status and development plan
  • How to get adoption
  • Is the group informatics effort too constrained by lack of predictable gathering place for stage 3 groups?
    • Is there a way to create more predictable stage 3 interations?
  • Possible alternative social media analytics task: can we apply these techniques to understand how people become HFOSS participants
    • What background do they have?
    • What steps do they take?
    • What works and what doesn't?
    • What problems and impediments are there?


  • "As a potential participant, I would like more clarity in the expectations and the amount I should ask for so that I can write a reasonable proposal."


  • What are the next targets?
  • Need for a better round of evaluation and data collection to support publications

Next Steps

  • Option of requesting an extension year
  • Encouraging use of faculty stipends
  • Interaction with Inspire-CT
    • HFOSS community summit
  • Participant support for follow-up events
    • 50 ways - Part 2
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