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Team Meeting Agenda

Nassau Community College
January 4-6, 2017

Notes for this meeting: TeamMeeting_2017_01_Notes

Prep for the Meeting:

  • If you have time, create additional pathways on foss2serve

Schedule Overview

  • Tuesday - travel
  • Wednesday:
    • Target start time of 9 AM at NCC - Lunch will be provided
    • Casual / Working dinner
    • Work until 8 or 9 Wednesday evening
  • Thursday:
    • Breakfast on your own
    • Lunch will be provided
    • Dinner at Cafe Baci
      • Reservation 5:30/6 for 7 people
      • John Sener arrives by train into Westbury 4:30ish
  • Friday
    • Breakfast on your own
    • Lunch will be provided
    • Goal of working until 3pm at least depending on when people need to travel to get home.

Goals for this Meeting

  • Budget review OpenFE and OpenPath
    • Participant support and student funding in particular
  • Assess status of OpenPath relative to the proposal
  • Plan actions needed to stay on track with OpenPath
  • What do we need to do to wind down OpenFE?
  • Identify / summarize what has been accomplished for both OpenFE and OpenPath (in part for the annual report)
  • Pathways
  • Evaluation Instruments and data collection from institutions using HFOSS during the Spring 2017 semester - need data to be able to publish
  • Plan 2017 activity
  • POSSE:
    • Feedback from 2016-11 POSSE
    • Changes for 2017-04 POSSE?
  • Location of materials
    • Content in google docs versus foss2serve versus Trello



  • Conferences/Publications
    • SIGCSE
    • ITiCSE July 1-5, Bologna
    • ICER Aug 17-21, Tacoma
    • Tapia Sep 20-23, Atlanta
    • SIGITE Oct 4-7, Rochester
    • AllThingsOpen Oct 22-24, Raleigh
    • CSEET Nov 7-9, Sahanna
  • Meetings
    • February meeting - Possible days between Feb 2-4
    • POSSE 2017-04
    • POSSE Europe
    • Train the Trainer
    • POSSE 2017-fall

Pathways Model

  • Status:
    • We have a “good enough” model (see the “Pathways Model” folder in DropBox)
  • Review Existing Pathways
    • What pathways could Greg and Stoney use in winter/spring classes? Plan for those.
  • Build a rubric for assessing pathways? - what are we trying to assess? Do we only need to check completeness of pathway?
  • Define a way to track how activities map to pathways and usage of pathways by instructors
    • Add column to activity to link to learning activity?
    • Do we need a link back from learning activity to pathway?
  • Also need Pathway assessment - follow a pathway and execute the steps and report back
    • GH, HE, and NCC may have some students who can do this
  • POSSE Roundup - Map learning activities to pathways
  • Define further pathways - existing set in Dropbox


  • Review of budget status

Review of TOS Site


  • Stage 1
    • What revisions are needed?
    • Participation by POSSE alums of HFOSS project people
  • Stage 2
    • Team attendees and instructors
    • POSSE alum who might attend and present - including having alums start to be full instructors
    • What revisions are needed?
  • Stage 3
    • Assessing success of stage 3
    • How can we better support stage 3 faculty?
    • Plan more organized faculty mentoring?
  • Red Hat and Google support / participation in POSSE


Review of what we have

  • Measurements as defined in the proposals - are we covering the bases?
  • Existing instruments
    • Pre/Post Survey - any update needed?
    • Experience Self-report survey (Karl and Stoney) - expand/refine and get IRB approval?

Direct measurement of learning

  • What study designs are possible?
  • What instruments do we need?
    • GH pilot of general FOSS intro questions
  • Are there existing instruments that we might use, especially for professional skills?
  • How to we measure process skills? POGIL measures?

How to measure instructor stage 3 activity

  • One year post survey for POSSE alum
    • Poor response to last round - should we switch to interviews?
  • Multiple good stories told at Hopper (Patti, Becka)
    • Is there a publication in this (experience report style perhaps)?
  • Mentions of efforts in POSSE roundup applications

Teaching materials

  • VM support for demo and development environments for key HFOSS projects
  • How well have we packaged what we have?
    • OAI-PMH
  • How do we create/collect more materials?
  • Should we hold a learning materials sprint?
  • How do we encourage more contributions by POSSE grads?
    • Use of stipends funds

Next Steps

  • Encouraging use of faculty stipends
  • Participant support for follow-up events
    • 50 ways - Part 2
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