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Name: Chris Merlo

Position: Professor, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Information Technology, Nassau Community College, Garden City, NY




IRC: server: nick: cmerlo channels: foss2serve

HFOSS Projects: None

HFOSS-Related Courses: None


Other Organizations: None

Bio: I teach Math and CS (and an IT course here and there) at Nassau. I also play bass and Chapman Stick in The Yellow Box. We released our first album last year.

Guided Tour Responses

Sugar Labs:

Contributions: I'm not sure that our students, on the whole, could fill any of these roles. Occasionally, a student here or there would be a good candidate for Content Writer, or People Person, or Translator, and in later classes, hopefully some Developers, but not in CS 1.

Tracker: The general process of submitting a bug is to find the repo and hit the "big green button". There are defects, tasks, and enhancements.

Repository: The last commit was 2018-12-31 by quozl, in Docs.

Release cycle: The roadmap is updated at the beginning of each release cycle, and should include when the next freeze point and release will be as well as other information.

Sahana Eden:

Community: The categories of people are very similar, but includes some specialized tasks too, such as GIS specialists.

Tracker: The tracker is organized differently, by project, but contains largely the same information. Major ticket categories appear to be the same, but are then filterable by "component".

Repository: Last commit 2019-01-04 by nursix, to DRKCM, whatever that is

Release cycle: Either something is misconfigured, or they're really seven years behind schedule, with no dates set for any milestones past the current one.

Evaluation of OpenMRS

Evaluation Factor Level
Evaluation Data
Licensing 2 MPL-2.0
Language 2 I've been teaching Java for a long time
Level of Activity 1 Far more activity in Q2 and Q4 than the rest of the year
Number of Contributors 2 314 is a lot of contributors
Product Size  ? I have no idea how to use megabytes of code as a rubric
Issue Tracker 2 1,310 open issues; 13,561 closed issues. The 5th issue was created 2018-01-02. It seems that issues are being actively addressed.
New Contributor 2 Clear links for how to download and install, the wiki, forum, webpage
Community Norms 1 Maybe because I'm new at finding this stuff, but I had to make another cup of coffee before I found the code of conduct.
User Base 2 Everything is clearly laid out.
Total Score 14-16

Intro to Copyright and Licensing

OpenMRS: Mozilla 2.0

Fineract: Apache 2.0

Regulately: No license

I would be more comfortable contributing to something with a stated license, and Mozilla and Apache are both widely-known good FOSS licenses.

A note about B4: A better link for the first article is

I don't really know yet what sort of activities to gear a CS 1 student into, but I'm guessing that something like looking for issues that have been open for a long time, to see if they can be closed, is something they could do. After a quick search, I haven't found anything tailored specifically toward freshmen or community college students.

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