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I am currently (Fall 2015) Associate Professor and Chair of the Computer Science Department at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. I have taught software engineering since 1994 and frequently lead senior capstone projects. My research interests include computing education, interactive systems, and visual analytics. I run at least one 10k race each year and semi-seriously preparing for my first 1/2 marathon (2016?).

Answers to Activity A.4 "Introduction to IRC" - Part 1 :

  • How do people interact? People interact conversationally.
  • What is the pattern of communication? In one line sentence-like statements sometimes annotated with emoticons and/or IRC labels.
  • Are there any terms that seem to have special meaning? IRC labels and usernames.
  • Can you make any other observations? Each line has timestamp, author, and the text entered. IRC labels change the color of the text.
  • Why do ACTIONS for Heidi and Darci not appear under 'Actions By Person'? Because the #Action statements have their usernames spelled in CamelCase (not all-lower).

Observations from Activity A.4 "Introduction to IRC" - Part 3 :

  • <nothing here yet>
  • <not all projects seem to be active at this time>

SugarLabs Project

Sugar is the product of the SugarLabs project. Sugar is educational software that delivers learning activities to students. There are (approximately) 13 teams working on Sugar.

  • Activity Team - responsible for develops and maintains learning activities within the Sugar product. The Activity Team works with the Education, Development, Infrastructure, and Deployment teams. Two coordinators; 13 Contributors; irc #sugar (Contact page last update 2012)
  • Dev Team - build and maintain the core Sugar environment, including specification, implementation, fixing bugs, and 'making Sugar awesome'. Dev Team works with the Design and Testing Teams, among others. NO coordinator, and four 'people'(Contact page last update 2012); irc #sugar
  • Doc Team - responsible for documentation for many audiences including learners and developers. NO coordinator; two editors; irc #sugar (Contact page last update 2011)
  • team comparison - all teams (at least their contact wiki pages) seem to be dormant (last update ~2012); however there was a public release (Sugar 0.106.0) on 7/6/2015 and the most recent ticket was filed three days ago (08/01/2015). The Activity Team is largest and possibly the most recently active. All use irc #sugar, not all have a 'leader'.
  • Tracker - using Trac; types: defect, enhancement, (no other shown in 179 tickets); info: ticket#, summary, status, owner, type, priority, milestone
  • Repo - is Git based (Gitorious) web-based common repository
  • Release Cycle / roadmap - 6 month cycle (GNOME releases)

Sahana Eden Project

  • contributions - Developers, Testers, Bug Marshals, Newsletter writers, Documenters, Translators, Designers, SysAdmins, GIS Specialists
  • developers - the page welcomes new developers and provides info on how to contribute
  • testers - the page is less welcoming and more technical
  • designers - means "graphic design", not technical architecture. The page is sparse.
  • tracker - Trac; but, not the same type of tickets, nor same info - adds 'component' and 'version'; ticket types are defect/bug, enhancement, and task.
  • repo - using GitHub
  • release cycle - the roadmap shows milestones planed 0.9.0 is four years late and 92% complete; milestone 1.0 is planned with no release date 73% complete. Milestone 2.0 has an estimated 830 man hours estimated.
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