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Denise Ferebee

Denise Ferebee is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at LeMoyne-Owen College. The College has about 900 undergraduate students.

In her spare time, Dr. Ferebee is an avid gardener.

Field trip

  Part 1.2.1:  20,335 repository results
  Part 1.2.2:  Graph of the number of commits by day of the project
  Part 1.3.1:  395 repository results
  Part 1.3.2:  Apr 22, 2017
  Part 1.4.1:  227 repository results
  Part 2.2.1:  2260 projects (10 projects per page and 226 pages)
  Part 2.2.2:  Hard to determine.  The source URLs are in the git SCM type.
  Part 2.2.3:  10
  Part 2.2.4:  What they are mostly written in and the license.
  Part 2.3.1:  30
  Part 2.3.2:  Depends on recent contributions.
  Part 2.4.1:  New and most active organizations, recent commits statistics
  Part 2.5.1:

Project Evaluation

Evaluation Factor Level
Evaluation Data
Level of Activity
Number of Contributors
Product Size
Issue Tracker
New Contributor
Community Norms
User Base
Total Score

Copyright and Licensing

  Part 1.1:  OpenMRS License
  Part 1.2:  Apache License Version 2.0
  Part 1.3:  Not quite sure...
  (Cans, Cannots, and Musts)
  Part 1.1:  OpenMRS License - (answer:  None Yet)
  Part 1.2:  Apache License Version 2.0
                 Commercial Use 
                 Private Use 
                 Use Patent Claims 
                 Place Warranty
                 Hold Liable 
                 Use Trademark
                 Include Copyright 
                 Include License 
                 State Changes 
                 Include Notice
  Part 1.3:  Not quite sure...
  (Would or Would not be Comfortable Contributing)
  Part 1.1:  OpenMRS License - (I would need more information about issues that have occurred with this license.)
  Part 1.2:  Apache License Version 2.0 - (I would not have an issue.)
  Part 1.3:  Not quite sure...

FOSS in Courses 1

  (Course Description)
  Description: It would potentially be a course leading to their capstone project or it could be a course included in a software development course.  This would allow students to get a real-world understanding 
               of various software development processes (i.e., development, documentation, testing, bug reporting, version control, etc.)
  (Student Activities)
  Activity 1:  Creating documentation (i.e., example code, etc.)
  Activity 2:  Bug reporting (i.e., software testings, etc.)

Intro to Bug Trackers

  ID - The numeric id of a bug, unique within this entire installation of GNOME Bugzilla.
  Product - Bugs are categorized into Products and Components. Select a Classification to narrow down this list.
  Comp - Components are second-level categories; each belongs to a particular Product. Select a Product to narrow down this list.
  Assignee - The person in charge of resolving the bug.
  Status - The Status field indicates the current state of a bug. Only certain status transitions are allowed.
  Resolution - The Resolution field indicates what happened to this bug.
  Summary - The bug summary is a short sentence which succinctly describes what the bug is about.
  (Bug Fields)
  (Bug That I Can Fix)
  Will need to do more of a review to determine.
  (Collective Reports)
  57 reports opened and 245 reports closed
  (Top Three Bug Closers)
  André Klapper	166
  António Fernandes	15
  John Ralls           14
  (Top Three Bug Reporters)
  Mathieu Duponchelle	3
  Arnaud B.	        3
  sreerenj	        2
  (Top Three Patch Reviewers)
  Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal	14
  Sebastian Dröge (slomo)	7
  Thibault Saunier	        4


FOSS in Courses 2

  1 - Capstone - Explore opensource code and how to contribute.
  2 - Software Dev - Practice reviewing code.
  3 - Cyber Security - Look at how opensource code can be used for security purposes.
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