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Jonathan Poritz is associate professor of mathematics at Colorado State University - Pueblo, a regional comprehensive university in the Colorado State University system, located about two hours south of Denver.

Before CSU-P, Poritz was a student or professor at around a dozen universities in five time zones, studying and teaching mathematics, computer science, and mathematical physics. His scientific research started in global analysis and differential geometry, but now is mostly in quantum computation.

Poritz uses [almost exclusively] FLOSS for himself and in his classes, and tries to convince others in academia to do so -- see, e.g., his article Information Technology Wants to Be Free from the AAUP magazine Academe. Note he convinced Academe to release this article under a Creative Commons license. He has also written a textbook on number theory and cryptology, Yet Another Introductory Number Theory Textbook, which is likewise released under a CC license.

Another book of Poritz's, called Education is Not an App: The Future of University Teaching in the Internet Age and written with his CSU-P historian colleague Jonathan Rees, is about technology and higher ed. It will be out in the summer of 2016 from Routledge (unfortunately, not under a CC license...).

Much more information, many publications, and pretty pictures are available on his personal website,

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