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Kiranmai Bellam

Kiranmai Bellam is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Prairie View A & M University. Her research interests are in Engineering education, Mobile Application Development and Energy Efficient Storage Systems. She is currently serving as a PI on NSF HBCU Target Infusion project, titled "Fostering Innovation and Excellence in Computing Systems: Establishing an Innovative Systems Laboratory".

IRC Chat

How do people interact? Interaction is very similar to online chat except for the keywords that are used for specific purpose

What is the pattern of communication? I did not see a specific pattern, everyone has equal opportunity to ask questions or answer questions

Are there any terms that seem to have special meaning? All the meetbot commands;#startmeeting, #topic, #info, #action..

Can you make any other observations? Using the IRC for the first time. It looks very interesting. Heard of the meetbot for the first time, like the idea

HFOSS Project IRC Observations

Unfortunately I missed the IRC 1 meeting, but did go through all the logs and summary from the meetings. I have a basic understanding of how IRC works and how people interact.

The Sugar Labs Project


Commonalities: All three teams use same IRC channel for communication.

Distinct: Activity team as opposed to other two teams is more structured and action oriented.


Tickets are primarily categorized by priority in the descending order. Ticket also specifies how it effects the code, making it easy to categorize based on the urgency. The information specified on each ticket provides more information on the bug.


Project uses a web-based common repository called Gitorious

Release cycle

Roadmap is updated at the beginning of each release cycle by the release team. Hence release cycle follows the dates on road map

The Sahana Eden Project


Sahana Eden teams did not follow a very strict framework. Information needed for novice contributors is listed out in details. Unlike Sugar labs website the coordinatirs and contributors are not listed on the website


How is the information here different than the information found on the Sugar Labs tracker page? This page has all tickets listed in chronological order of the titles irrespective of their priority.

Click the Active Tickets link. Indicate the types/categories of tickets listed on this page as well as the information available for each ticket? Tickets are listed by priority and color coded


Project uses web-based common repository, github

Release cycle

Each task is associated with a person for accountability. Release date is set.

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