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Katie Stolee North Carolina State University


Part B

Part 1

Part 1 - GitHub

  • 15,791 repository results for the "education" query
  • 331 repository results for the "humanitarian" query
    • April 27, 2017 was the most recent update
  • 174 repository results for the "disaster management" query

Part 2 - OpenHub

  • ~2250 repository results for the "education" query
    • none of the code appears to be on GitHub
    • 10 similar projects
  • ~30 repository results for the "humanitarian" query
  • ~30 repository results for the "disaster management" query

Part 2


Evaluation Factor Level
Evaluation Data
Licensing 2 MPL 2.0 w/ HD © OpenMRS Inc.
Language 2 Java 95.4% SQLPL 3.0% GAP 0.7%
Level of Activity 2 Active
Number of Contributors 2 271 contributors
Product Size tbd tbd
Issue Tracker 2 34 introductory issues
New Contributor 2 Lots of documentation for new contributors
Community Norms 2 there are guidelines on how to name variables, database columns, and use git
User Base 2 Active, [1]
Total Score 16

Part 3: Licensing

The openMRS license does not hold code contributors liable for anything related to the software behavior and the consequences of using the software - I would be comfortable with this.

Part 4: HFOSS in a Course

CSC 495: undergraduate software testing

  • Write tests to improve coverage, using principles from text book on equivalence class testing
  • Use established testing tools and simulators to explore performance testing, mobile testing, and possibly others

CSC 712: PhD level software testing

  • Use research tools, such as mutation testing, performance testing, and other tools, on an HFOSS project
  • Project idea: implement fairness/discrimination testing infrastructure for the HFOSS project
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