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Liz Johnson is an Associate Professor and the Chair of the Computer Science Department at Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH. She has been at Xavier since 1997. Before obtaining her doctorate from Indiana University, she worked in computing support roles at University of Dayton Research Institute, Northern Illinois University, and University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse.

Dr. Johnson's research interests include computer science education and genetic algorithms.

Dr. Johnson also serves on the board of the Ohio Alleycat Resource and Spay/Neuter Clinic and is working towards making Cincinnati a no-kill city for cats.

Answers to IRC exercise

  • How do people interact? Tersely (in a good way).
  • What is pattern of communication? in beginning, one person describing issues and others responding with brief suggestions. It became more of a multi-person conversation later. There appears to be an agenda too.
  • Are there any terms that seem to have special meaning? other than # terms not seeing anything
  • Can you make any other observations? I think I might be a lurker for a while. Also curious as to how it handles several people typing at once.

Answers to Project Anatomy exercise

Sugar Lab

I looked at the Sugar Lab project and the various teams. The contacts page for Activities has Coordinators (small group), Contributors (larger group), info about mailing list and IRC channel. The contacts page for Development has Coordinator (vacant right now), people (maybe same as contributors?) and info about IRC channel. Maybe this means there is no mailing list. The documentation team has IRC info, editors, mailing list and coordinator (vacant right now). The teams seem to have more in common than not.

On the bug tracker, there are defects, enhancements, and tasks. I'm not sure what the difference between an enhancement and a task is. For each, there is a number, summary, status, owner, type, priority and milestone. Clicking on the link gives a longer description.

On the repository, the project uses a web-based repo, specifically GitHub.

The release cycle has all the stages of a release. When a release is planned, the roadmap is updated with the dates/deadlines and info about the release stages.


The teams pages are wordier and also don't list any people. This makes the community less visible. I don't see anything about regular meetings on the developer page either (unlike Sugar Lab).

The bug tracker has more reports but basic info is same as Sugar Lab. Looks like documentation is a new type of ticket here as well as defect, enhancement. In addition to number, summary, owner, type, priority, status, date, it also has component and version.

Looks like there are 3 releases planned. None are complete. It's difficult to tell from this exactly where the project is.

On the repository, the project uses a web-based repo, specifically GitHub.

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