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Name: Michele McColgan

Position: Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Siena College, 515 Loudon Road, Loudonville NY 12211




IRC: server: nick: michelem channels:

HFOSS Projects:

  • tbd - maybe sugar or open food facts

HFOSS-Related Courses:



Other Organizations:

Bio: I teach physics courses and mentor student research mostly around electronics projects using Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and FPGA hardware. I also direct an informal STEM program for middle school students and one of our classes is FLOSS Desktops for Kids where we use the Sugar desktop (from OLPC). Fun fact: We just opened our own observatory at Siena!

Stage 1a - FOSS Anatomy


  1. Roles for students: content writer, developer, designer, BugSquad, activity developer
    • Commonalities across roles: to improve sugar and make it more accessible
    • Differences between roles: different interests and skills
  2. Tracker
    • How to submit a bug: Register and create a new ticket. Create a descriptive title. Identify the bug type, include details to reproduce bug and expected outcome; Include software versions and log files.
  3. Repository
    • Latest commit: April 30, 2019
  4. Release cycle and roadmap
    • Release cycle: Each release cycle will include development, beta, release candidate and final releases.
    • Roadmap: Includes release dates, modules and dependencies, tickets considered, and future plans. Nothing is in the roadmap for 0.114.

Sahana Eden Project

Information management system for disaster and humanitarian aid management

    • Commonalities: the roles for involvement are similar for Sugar
  1. Tracker
    • Bugs are reported on gitHub under issues. This is different than the Sugar BugSquad system. But the instructions for what should be included are quite similar.
  2. Repository
    • Latest commit: May 2, 2019

Stage 2 - FOSS Anatomy


    • Repository results for education: 27,662
    • Repos using Javascript: 3430
    • Most recently update:chanzuckerberg/docs-editor updated May 13 at 4:16 pm
    • Least recently updated:drongous/ems updated June 4, 2008
    • Most stars: freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp with 303k
    • Issues: open - 224; closed - 13,322
    • Pull requests: open - 1,890; closed - 20,183
    • Insights - active pull requests and active issues and the list of pull requests that were merged
    • Commits under insights - graph of activity
    • Repository results for humanitarian: 505; stars 178; language C#; updated 10/24/2018
    • Repository results for disaster management: 469
    • Repository results for raspberry pi: 57,643
    • Repository results for FPGA: 11,604
    • Repository results for informal STEM: 2


    • Education: 2270 projects
    • Active projects recognized on first page:' BigBlueButton, Moodle, Geogebra
    • KDE Education: All code is hosted on github; 9 similar projects; Info provided on page includes: activity, language, and type of license
    • Humanitarian: 30 projects
    • Disaster management: 30 projects
    • Activity not available: projects that do not have recent analysis because of problems with their code locations or other problems blocking Open Hub from collecting and analyzing code
    • Organizations: stats about most active organizations, new organizations, 30 day commit volume, and stats by sector
    • OpenMRS: shows portfolio projects
    • OpenMRS Core: latest commit is about 5 years ago
    • OpenMRS Core on github: latest commit May 8, 2019
    • Benefits/Drawbacks of Openhub and Github: It looks like Openhub isn't up to date. It may be useful to use both services to look for old and new projects.


Evaluation Factor Level
Evaluation Data
Licensing 2 Mozilla Public License, version 2.0; an OSI license
Language 0 Java 96.2%; SQLPL 2.9%; other 0.9%; Most of my students don't know Java.
Level of Activity 2 active quarters: previous 4; most commits in the quarter before the current quarter
Number of Contributors 2 321 contributors
Product Size 1 223 MB;Is this large or small?
Issue Tracker 2 open issues: 1287; closed: 14,136; 3rd curated created 5/31/2008; seems like lots of contributors take tickets but don't complete;
New Contributor 2 there's a getting started wiki and instructions on downloading the ide; there's an irce channel; lots of activity on the irc channel and OpenMRS Talk; strong web presence
Community Norms 2 be considerate, respectful and collaborative; there are consequences if you are not; no rude or inappropriate behavior. Members are helpful to new members to get them up and running quickly.
User Base 2 there is a user base and links to download the app and sample data;there's a user's guide (different from developers guide; there's an OpenMRS conference, so obviously lots of users
Total Score 15


  1. Project: Sugar - urban scholar mentor project
    • Create a how-to document for FLOSS Desktop for Kids programs to be able to use Sugar with Ubuntu
    • Teach students to develop their own Sugar apps using Dev or Pippy
    • Provide documentation support to Sugar docs
  2. Raspberry Pi Nature Cam
    • Explore similar repositories and identify similar project
    • Obtain code from similar projects to determine what we can us
    • Identify how we can contribute

Part C

'Bug Trackers

  1. Gnome 3 bug issue topics
    • Geary is an email application built around conversations
    • GIMP is The GNU Image Manipulation Program
    • Gnome's control center - GNOME's main interface to configure various aspects of the desktop
  2. Info in view
    • title
    • submitter
    • when the issue was submitted
    • comments
  3. Labels
    • 1. Feature
    • webcam
    • 2. RFC
    • Enhancement
    • Developer Docs
    • Documentation
    • gmem
    • Crash
    • Needs information
    • 2.10.10
    • OS: macOS/OSX
  4. Info provided on individual issues
    • a description
    • milestone
    • time tracking
    • due date
    • labels
    • confidentiality
    • lock issue
    • number of participants
  5. More info on labels
    • Labels:Labels are organized as Prioritized labels and other labels.
    • Label:There's a label for newcomers and identifies tasks that would be good for new contributors.
  6. Board
    • Columns:There are three columns, Open, To Do, and Doing.
  7. Milestones
    • ReleasesThey seem to be used by versions or releases, i.e. 1.9.0 or 2.0.
  8. Merge Requests
    • Merge:Includes a request to merge and the pipeline
    • Syntax: - username:folder into master

FOSS 2 Courses The administration at Siena College is encouraging instructors to offer 1-credit courses. I plan to develop a course to prepare materials for our FLOSS Desktops program using Sugar. Here are some tasks and activities that students will perform.

    • 1. Go through the FLOSS Desktops curriculum and build and rebuild a computer; install Ubuntu
    • 2. Install the Sugar Desktop
    • 3. Create instructions for teachers/laypersons to install the Sugar Desktop for different versions of Ubuntu
    • 4. Learn to use the Sugar Desktop and document a process for teachers/laypersons to learn to use the Sugar Desktop
    • 5. For your major, select, download, and play 10 games - select 5 of the best games
    • 6. Document problems or bugs with the games you did not choose and submit bug tickets (do the same for the 5 games you selected, if appropriate)
    • 7.Create instructions for teachers/laypersons to teach their students to play the games
    • 8. WIth your class, collaboratively put together a document including the instructions you've created for teachers/laypeople to use with students in the FLOSS Desktops program
    • 9. Add the document to the Sugar repository
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