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Hello, world!

Name: Olga Glebova

Position: Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, Georgia State University

Profile: GSU webpage


Part A

Intro to IRC (Activity)

Part 1

How do people interact? Informally, and very much to the point. What is the pattern of communication? Concise, mix of one-to-many and one-to-one. Are there any terms that seem to have special meaning? Yep, looks like its own lingo!

Part 3

Observing 2 channels #fedora-devel and #a11y A lot of people hanging out on the first channel (a hundred?), and just 4 of us on the second.

Intro to FOSS Project Anatomy (Activity)

Roles applicable to students: developer, designer, translator. What are the commonalities across roles? What are the differences? They pretty much all include elements of "write, edit, illustrate, design", while specific roles focus on one of those areas.

The general process for submitting a bug: "If you find a bug or would like to report an issue with Sugar, visit and look for the activity or a sugar component repository hat you think is relevant. If you don't know which one to use, use, and be sure to sign up and sign in to Github. Then visit the issues tab of the repo, and hit the big green button to report your issue. If you haven't written issue reports before, here's a great guide:"

Types/categories of tickets listed on this page: defect, enhancement, task; Information available for each ticket: Ticket number, Summary, Status, Owner, Type, Priority, Milestone Date of the last commit (an update of the repository): Jun 7, 2019

How the release cycle and roadmap update are related: roadmap is updated at the beginning of each release cycle by the release team.

Part B

Project Evaluation (Activity)


Evaluation Factor Level
Evaluation Data
Licensing 2 Mozilla Public License, version 2.0. Is it supported by OSI? Yes. See, for example,
Language 1 C# 69.9%; JavaScript 16.0%; HTML 7.5%
Level of Activity
Number of Contributors
Product Size
Issue Tracker
New Contributor
Community Norms
User Base
Total Score
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