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Exercise 2.6: Planning for HFOSS Involvement

  1. What course(s) are you targeting?
    1. IDIS 151 Demystifying Computing
  2. What learning outcomes would you like the students to achieve?
    1. Develop a familiarity and appreciation of FOSS.
    2. Discuss social, ethical, and political implications of FOSS.
  3. What type of activity do you want to incorporate? Sample activities could be HFOSS field trips, installing, documenting, testing, or code development. See for more ideas.
    1. Scavenger Hunt: guided tour of an open source project
      1. Do a guided field trip of a FOSS project
      2. Pick a FOSS project they use regularly and do the same scavenger hunt
      3. Blog post of findings
    2. Reflection:
      1. Essay on the social, ethical, and political implications of FOSS.
    3. Contribution:
      1. Wikipedia edit, presentation, video or tutorial of FOSS project
  4. What HFOSS project will you use?
    1. Use HFOSS projects as examples of FOSS contributions to humanitarian causes.
  5. What are the benefits of this project for this particular context (course & activity)?
    1. N/A
  6. What are potential stumbling blocks?
    1. This would be a course geared towards non-majors, so it will be difficult for them to make a meaningful contribution.
    2. Instead, I will focus on having them get to know about the projects and maybe do some PR contribution or reflection.
  7. How do you want your students to interact with the community (if at all)?
    1. Most likely not any direct interaction.
  8. What tools will your students have to learn (if any)?
    1. I will have them learn blogging, wiki, and irc.
  9. Do you currently have the environment for this project to run (ie. is the hardware/OS available at your institution)?
    1. Yes.
  10. What type of materials/background do you think you will need to provide to the students?
    1. Just a general introduction to FOSS and pointers to different resources.
  11. What would you like the students to do during this activity?
    1. Explained above.
  12. How long do you expect the activity to take?
    1. Depends on the activity but from 1 to 3 week.s
  13. What will the students hand in?
    1. Explained above.
  14. How will you assess what students have learned from this activity?
    1. I will have some sort of rubric for each activity.
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