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Sarah Heckman a Teaching Associate Professor and Assistant Director of Undergraduate Programs in the Department of Computer Science. She is also a three-time graduate of the department and received her Ph.D. in August of 2009. Dr. Heckman received the NC State University Outstanding Teacher Award and the Alumni Association Outstanding Teacher Award as a representative of the College of Engineering in Spring 2015. She is a member of the Academy of Outstanding Teachers at NC State. Dr. Heckman teaches several of the core courses in software engineering and programming languages. Her research interests are in computer science education and software engineering. As a graduate student, she was a three-time recipient of the IBM Ph.D. Fellowship.

FOSS Project Anatomy - Activity

SugarLabs Project


  • Student Roles: Developer as main role. But there are students who would likely be interested in Designer and Content Writer roles.
  • Commonalities: communication
  • Differences: areas of focus


Process for Submitting a Bug

  • Start by reading any documents/guides posted by the community that describes the best way to work with bugs/problems/feature requests.
  • Search to see if the bug is already reported. If so, add any additional information to the issue.
  • If the bug is not reported, create a new issue. The bug writeup should include steps (at a minimum) that describe the environment/configuration where the bug was encountered, steps for reproducibility, and work to localize the bug to a particular area of the system, any ideas about how to generalize the bug to possible other areas.

Repository Last commit date: sugarlabs/sugar - September 8, 2017 10:12 PM

Release cycle

  • The release cycle has four milestones - development, beta, release candidate, final release
  • Roadmap is updated at the beginning of the release cycle to identify what will be worked on and release dates.
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