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Suhaib A. Obeidat

Dr. Suhaib A. Obeidat joined the department of Computer Science at Bloomfield College in the Fall of 2014 as the coordinator of the Network Engineering program. Prior to that, he held the position of Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Math and Computer Science Department at Bennett College, Greensboro, NC.

His research interests are in the area of Wireless Networks, more specifically, in designing protocols for the transmission of human speech over wireless ad hoc networks using opportunistic cross-layer designs. Currently, Dr. Obeidat’s teaching interests are in Networking Technology, particularly the Cisco Network Administration curricula, web programming for 2- and 3-tier architectures, and computer programming. He takes special pleasure in tackling new topics and sharing them with his students.

Sugar Labs

Roles most applicable for my students

  • People Person: students can get their feet wet by contributing by publicizing the project through sending out media/spreading Sugar, encouraging others to participate and also by helping out within the project, e.g., Sugar Labs forum/IRC help/support tech
  • Developer: can do Python, GTK+, JavaScript, and web app development, file bugs, and QA

Commonalities and differences across roles

The commonalities are desire to contribute to a great cause, team spirit helping each other and learning from one another.

The differences lie in the area of expertise varying from people skills to very technical ones. A successful project requires many talents ranging from communications, language, software development, system administration, and many others.

Sugar Labs Bug Tracking

  1. Bugs are submitted under the relevant activity or sugar component repository.
  2. Under the issues tab of the repo hit the big green button to report your issue.


The last date of commit is Sept. 8th 2017

Relation between release cycle and roadmap

The release cycle and roadmap feed into each other. The roadmap specifies, among other thing, the release cycle dates, modules and tickets to be considered for that release cycle.

The release time ensures that all the module releases are available by the scheduled date and runs automatic and manual QA on the releases.

FOSS Field Trip


Educational Applications

  • How many repositories are there in this category? 15,623 repository
  • Click on the first project. Click on Graphs, then Commits. What information does this page provide? It gives the history of commits and by whom they were performed

Humanitarian Applications

  • How many repositories are there in this category? 331 repositories
  • Locate the HTBox/crisischeckin project. When was the last update? April 22nd, 2017

Disaster Management

  • How many repositories are there in this category? 173 repositories



  • How many projects were returned? 225 Pages, for a total of 2250 projects
  • KDE Education: is any of the code located on GitHub? Yes, for many, the SCM listed is GitHub
  • How many similar projects are listed? 13 Projects
  • What information does OpenHub provide about the project? It provides Project Summary (including News, Settings, etc.), Code Data (Cost Estimates, Security), SCM Data (Commits and Contributors) and Community Data (Users, Ratings & Reviews, ...)

Humanitarian and Disaster Management

  • How many projects were returned for each search? 5 humanitarian management projects and 29 disaster management projects
  • Why do so many projects do not have activity information available? Because of problems with their code locations or other problems blocking Open Hub from collecting and analyzing code
  • What information is provided under Organizations? It shows orgs by 30 Day Commit Volume, most actives organizations, newest organizations, and stats by sector


  • When was the last commit for OpenMRS Core?9 days ago
  • On GitHub, When was the last commit?Also 9 days ago
  • Why do you think these sites have different information?They don't, which makes sense because the code location for OpenMRS Core is GitHub

What would be the benefits/drawbacks of using both GitHub and OpenHub to search for a project?

Project Evaluation

Findings About OpenMRS

Evaluation Factor Level
Evaluation Data
Licensing 2 Mozilla Public License, version 2.0
Language 2 Java 95.4% SQLPL 3.0% GAP 0.7%
Level of Activity 2 Most of the weeks of the last year show commit activity
Number of Contributors 2 271 Contributors
Product Size 1 220.81 MB
Issue Tracker 2 How many open (for OpenMRS look at "ready for work") issues are there?

How many closed issues are there?
When was the fifth issue opened (for OpenMRS look at the "ready for work" issues)?
There are multiple columns classifying issues as Must, Could, Should, etc.

New Contributor 2 Are there instructions for downloading and installing the development environment?

Are communication mechanisms, such as IRC, list serves, you can join, meeting notices, etc. apparent?

Is there a discussion platform? If so, how recent are the responses? Responses as recent as 3 hours ago

Community Norms 2 Observations about the OpenMRS Code of Conduct
  • It encourages seeking help and consulting with others when there is a conflict, e.g., when you disagree consult others, when you are unsure, ask for help
  • It encourages maintaining a healthy atmosphere
  • It states consequences of inappropriate behavior

Provide three observations about the type of communication that occurred between community members on TALK Communication seems professional and to the point.

User Base 1 There is a thorough administrator guide. However, even though there is some documentation for end users, the following is stated at the top of the page "End user documentation for OpenMRS is currently limited"
Total Score 16

Intro to Copyright and Licensing

  1. Identify the license for the following projects:
  2. Can, Can't, and Must
    • Mozilla Public License, version 2.0: Can: Commercial Use, Modify, Distribute, Sublicense, Place Warranty, and Use Patent Claims. Cannot: Use Trademark or Hold Liable. Must: Include Copyright, Include License, Disclose Source, and Include Original
    • Apache License Version 2.0: Can: Commercial Use, Modify, Distribute, Sublicense, Private Use, Use Patent Claims, and Place Warranty. Cannot: Hold Liable or Use Trademark. Must: Include Copyright, Include License, State Changes, and Include Notice
    • N/A
  3. For each license, state whether you would (or would not) be comfortable contributing code to that project and why (or why not). The two licenses seem very flexible so I would not have any reservations in using either.
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