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Xueqing (Clare) Tang

Clare Tang is a Full Professor in Computer Science at Governors State University (GSU). The University is on south side of Chicago with diverse student body, which includes large number of non-traditional students transferred from community colleges. The computer science department offers BS and MS in computer science and BS in Information Technology.

Dr. Tang teaches Java Programming, Software Engineering, Data Structure, Algorithms, and Formal Languages and Automata. Dr. Tang participates research projects at Argonne National Lab using supercomputers for computer modeling and simulation on environmental studies. Dr. Tang is passionate on inclusiveness of computer science. She was a Principal Investigator for two NSF funded projects on broadening participation in computing.

Prior to coming to GSU, Dr. Tang spent twelve years working at IBM.


FOSS development life cycle:


  Use the software --- tried sugarizer online
  Report bug --- go to its github site, choose related component, report issue.
  Check out repository --- Last commit 10/10/2016


  Use the software --- browse the web page, very nice
  Report bug --- go to its github site. At the moment there are 22 issues. Study them as they are good examples to report issue.
  Check out repository --- Last commit 3/21/2017

Field Trip:

Part 1 - Github:

      Search "education" on GitHub. 12,270 repositories are shown. 
      The first project is "free programming books"
            Graphs, then commits shows two charts: 
                  first chart is the weekly total commits for the years;
                  second chart is the total commits each day of the current week.
      Search "Humanitarian", 288 repositories are shown.
      HTBox/crisischeckin - last commit August 7, 2016
      Search "disaster management", 143 repositories are shown.

Part 2 - OpenHub

      Search "education", 346 pages are returned, assuming 10 projects per page, 3460 total projects
      Code locations are all on Git, not github.
      4 similar projects are listed
      OpenHub provides information on line of code, programming languages, activity, community
      Search "Humanitarian" - 4 pages; 40 projects
      Search "Disaster management" - 6 pages; 60 projects
      Why do so many projects do not have activity information available? I need to find out.
      Information from "Organizations" tab - lists most active, latest commit volume, newest org, stat by sector
      OpenMRS Core App Module - Last commit 2/2017, (says 22 days before)
      It seems like OpenHub analyzes it periodically not real time. (says analyzed 22 days ago)

GitHub vs OpenHub: GitHub is more popular, this is the first time I heard OpenHub

Evaluation Rubric

Evaluation Factor Level
Evaluation Data
Licensing 2 FOSS MPL-2.0
Language 2 2 - Java is consists of what we use in core programming classes
Level of Activity 2 Core had 788 commits
Number of Contributors 2 Core by 43 contributors
Product Size 2 218.32 MB
Issue Tracker 2 homepage shows status for closed, ready to work, accepted, and other issues
New Contributor 2 motto "write code, save lives" sounds very encouraging
Community Norms 2 watched founders presentation video and read the story of Google code-in winner, found it cooperative and encouraging
User Base 2 looked the user map, it is international, which is a plus for our large international student body.
Total Score 20

Copyright and Licensing

OpenMRS: distributed under the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0

      Can: commercial, modify, distribute, sublicense, , patent claims, place warranty. 
      Can't: hold liable, use trademark. 
      Must: include copyright, include license, disclose source, include original.

Apache/incubator-fineract : licensed under Apache License Version 2.0.

      can: commercial use, modify, distribute, sublicense, private use, patent claims, place warranty. 
      can't: hold liable, use trademark, 
      must: include copyright, include license, state changes, include notice

Regulately/regulately-back-end: no statement on licensing, which means we can not make any copies.

Intro to Bug Trackers Part 1: Bug Reports

         ID - number to identify the bug / new feature request
         Sev - how severe the bug is 
         Pri - priority 
         OS - operating system 
         Product - the specific part of the software 
         Status - status of the report such as unconfirmed, confirmed, in-progress, etc. 
         Resolution - actions taken to fix the bug
         Summary - short description of the bug

To find the information, clicked links from the Reports. First order is unconfirmed, then new Color: grey is enhancement, red is critical, black is normal.

Part 2 Collective Reports Summary: Some bug summary info from, covering the last 7 days. Total Reports: 50211 (273 reports opened and 147 reports closed. Including enhancement requests) Then summaries on top modules, top bug closers, top bug reporters, top patch contributors, and top patch reviewers.

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