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Ying Liu

Dr. Ying Liu is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Computer Science, Mathematics and Science within the College of Professional Studies at St. John's University.

Dr. Ying Liu teaches graduate and undergraduate computer science courses, including programming, operating systems, database systems, networking, software design method and software engineering.

Dr. Liu’s scholarly interests span Data Mining, Text Mining, Big Data Analytics, and their applications.

In his spare time, Dr. Liu likes enjoy jogging and soccer.

Intro IRC Activity

• How do people interact?

People interact through communication. Communication can be done through various forms, such as in-person, phone call, video call, text messaging and e-mails.

• What is the pattern of communication? Is it linear or branched? Formal or informal? One-to-many, one-to-one or a mix?

I think most of the communication is linear. We communicate with others and wait for responses from others. Communications can be one-to-one or one-to-many or a mix.

• Are there any terms that seem to have special meaning?

There are terms which have special meaning, e.g. #info, #action tags.

• Can you make any other observations?

Communication could be become very challenging when it is many-to-one or many-to-many.

Guided Tour

Sugar Labs Project

• Contributions:

I think my role will be mainly a Developer, who get the source code, test & break Sugar, design & build Sugar, file bugs, fix bugs, build packages, develop new features, test, design, develop & help maintain activities, toolchain, scripts.

• Tracker

For each issue, there is a summary of the issue, the status of the ticket, which could be new, accepted, assigned, reopened, or closed, the reporter who created the ticket, the person who is responsible for the ticket, the priority of the ticket, and the milestone of the ticket.

• Repository:

Gitorious hosts the repository.

• Release Cycle:

The release cycle includes development, beta, release candidate and final release versions.

Sahana Eden Project

• Community

I think that the "Easy Bugs to Fix" section is very helpful for my students.

• Tracker

There are similarities and difference between Sahana and Sugar Labs trackers. The "Active Tickets" report is very similar. The difference are that tickets in Sahana re associated with particular components.

• Repository

Sahana uses a web-based repository, which is located on

• Release Cycle

Sahana presents plans for future milestones.

FOSS Field Trip Activity


I researched the projects under Simulations. The projects are implemented using different programming languages, including C++, Java, C, and Python. But it seems to me that these projects are not under development.


• Java • 3.7M • A message saying “loading…” was shown. • 15 • JavaScript • Java • About 12 • 2-5 years • 535 comments

FOSS In Courses Activity

I have been teaching software engineering, a capstone course for undergraduate senior computer science students. My main interest is to identify some interesting projects for students to work on as teams. I think the H/FOSS projects are great for my students.

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