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Ying joined this wiki to learn and to contribute to open source projects.

Answers to the questions:

How many repositories are there in this category? 24,739 Click on the first project. Click on Graphs (Insights), then Commits. What information does this page provide? For angular-education, no commits were made in the past year.

Humanitarian projects: 459 last update is April 22, 2017

Disaster management repositories: 416

On openhub: education projects: 226 pages x 10 project per page = 2260 projects KDE Education - quite few projects are on Git 4 similar projects information about KDE Education: Free Educational Software based on the KDE technologies: students, parents, children, teachers, adults, you can freely use our software, copy it, modify it to your needs and enjoy learning! Please have a look at the Tour webpage to get a quick preview of our programs which are translated in more than 65 languages. Our primary focus is on schoolchildren aged 3 to 18, and the specialized user interface needs of young users. However, we also have programs to aid teachers in planning lessons, and others that are of interest to university students and anyone else with a desire to learn!

Humanitarian - 3 pages = 30 projects disaster management: 30 projects

Activities not available? - these projects are not live? Organization - not sure

open MRS - last commit 9 months ago. openMRS on Github - last commit 21 days ago. The two site have difference because different people are using them and the activities are not synced.

What would be the benefits/drawbacks of using both GitHub and OpenHub to search for a project?

Comparing both site allow you to get a more complete picture as to who are working on those projects and what are the latests.

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