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There are some useful online resources for building the Ushahidi Android App. This page provides some detail and notes for POSEE members interested in working with the App.



Building the App

There are (at least) two options for building the Ushahidi app - You can use command-line tools, such as Ant (an approach that may feel natural to old fogies used to Make), or you can use Eclipse. In both cases, you need to use the Android dev package.

Disclaimer: These instructions have only been tested on a Mac. The command-line stuff is likely to be similar on Linux, but probably not on Microsoft Windows.

Setting Up Your Computer

You will need to install the Android SDK.

If you are working on the command line, you'll need to make sure that the Android SDK tools are on your PATH.

Building the App from the Command Line

Building the App through Eclipse


Sam's Experience

While the basic instructions seem straightforward, it appears that they are not universally reliable. I had some of my students try to build the app. They couldn't figure out the command-line instructions (mostly because they haven't had any experience using Ant and weren't good at reading the Ant output). They couldn't build in Eclipse. And these are students who have done App development before. In contrast, although I had never built an Android app before, I was able to get both sets of instructions working. Hmmm....

Java Source Code

The Java source code can be found in the github repo under Ushahidi_Android / Core / src / com / ushahidi / android / app /.

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