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=== Deliverables: ===
=== Deliverables: ===
Correctly completing the activity on github will add you to the POSSE roll call list on GitHub.
POSSE: Correctly completing the activity on github will add you to the POSSE roll call list on GitHub.
= Notes for Instructors =
= Notes for Instructors =

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Title Intro to Github

Learner will get started with Git by working on a remote repository shared by other workshop learners.

Prerequisite Knowledge A rudimentary understanding of command-line usage would be helpful, but not required.
Learning Objectives Upon completion, you will be able to
  • Install Git.
  • Configure Git.
  • Fork a GitHub repository.
  • Make changes to a repository.
  • Commit changes to a GitHub repository.


For the impatient, you may skip down to the [Directions] section and get started. If you would prefer an overview of Git first, there are some great introductory videos on Git's site: . Namely:

  • Git Basics: What is Version Control?

    If you are new to version control, or just want to gain a deeper understanding of it, this is 6 minutes of your life well spent.

    Watch the video

  • Git Basics: What is Git?

    This 8 minute video gives you a quick overview of git, why it exists, who it serves, what it can do, and explains some of its advantages.

    Watch the video

  • Git Basics: Get Going with Git

    This 4.5 minute video gives you an overview of installing and configuring git, as well as how to set up your first git repository. You could try to follow along and attempt each step, but I recommend just observing for now and appreciating the simplicity of setup. Later you'll complete a tutorial that will have you perform these same steps.

    Watch the video

  • Git Basics: Quick Wins with Git

    Still not convinced? Need more reasons to use Git? Whether you are gearing up for a water cooler debate about version control systems, or you just want to get a better understanding of the Git philosophy and the features that implement those philosophies, this 5 minute delivers.

    Watch the video


1. Go to and follow the instructions there.

Additional Information


POSSE: Correctly completing the activity on github will add you to the POSSE roll call list on GitHub.

Notes for Instructors

The remaining sections of this document are intended for the instructor. They are not part of the learning activity that would be given to students.


How will the activity be graded?

How will learning will be measured?

Include sample assessment questions/rubrics.

Criteria Level 1 (fail) Level 2 (pass) Level 3 (good) Level 4 (exceptional)
Criteria 1
Criteria 2


What should the instructor know before using this activity?

What are some likely difficulties that an instructor may encounter using this activity?

Additional Information:

ACM Knowledge Area/Knowledge Unit What ACM Computing Curricula 2013 knowledge area and units does this activity cover? ACM_Body_of_Knowledge
ACM Topic What specific topics are addressed? The Computing Curriucula 2013 provides a list of topics -
Level of Difficulty Easy
Estimated Time to Completion 30-60 minutes
Materials/Environment Access to Internet/Web and web browser.
Author Stoney Jackson Source None
License Licensed CC BY-SA

Suggestions for Open Source Community:

Suggestions for an open source community member who is working in conjunction with the instructor.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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