SIGCSE 2018 POSSE Roundup DevTools

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Dev Environment Installation

9:15 AM:

  1. Background on DevTools and use in classroom
    • Heidi Ellis - Software Engineering, Emily Lovell - Open Source Software Engineering
  2. Walk through the instructions here:
    • How easy is it to get started?
    • Anything need to be added?
    • Anything need to be changed?
    • Add a list of faculty and courses including contact info?

10:15 AM: Break

10:30 AM:

  1. Product Walk-through
  2. Introduction to the Community
    • Communication mechanisms
    • Finding information

12:00 Lunch:

1:30 PM:

  1. Review of student bugs and efforts
    • Break into groups around different bugs

3:00 PM: Break

3:30 PM:

  1. Continue working on bug fix
  2. Wrap up
    • How do we want to organize as a group going forward?
    • What needs to be done next?

4:45 PM Wrap-up

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