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(Schedule for POSSE 2019-01 in New York)
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| 1:30
| 1:30
| 2.3 Project Evaluation Activity
| 2.3 Project Evaluation Activity
** Activity in Google Docs
* Activity in Google Docs
| Lori
| Lori

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Local Information

This POSSE is being hosted by the City University of New York. Stage 2 will be held at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

  • Meeting location: The College street address is: 524 West 59th St. New York, NY, 10019, but the best way to enter for POSSE is to use the entrance on 11th Ave. between 58th and 59th streets.
  • Getting in: Security will have a list of names for the "POSSE Workshop" and 6.67 as the room. You will need a picture ID to get in.
  • Meeting room: Once past security, take the elevator to the 6th floor (Press the button that says 6; ignore the buttons that say L1, L2, etc) We are in room 6.67. The sixth floor has areas for Math and CS, Interdisciplinary studies, and Moot Court. Rooms 6.61 and 6.67 are opposite the glass doors that lead to departments.
  • Parking: Parking is available on 11th avenue at the BMW building. There is also parking on 10th avenue at the Mount Sinai garage. 57th street has parking as well. The ParkWhiz App can help find cheap daily rates.


Participants completing the Stage 2 workshop will be able to:

  • Describe the variety of learning activities that student participation in HFOSS projects may include
  • Implement HFOSS activities appropriate for a particular curriculum and student population
  • Explain challenges and opportunities of student HFOSS participation
  • Discuss key aspects of FOSS culture and process
  • Use a selection of tools common in HFOSS projects
  • Select an HFOSS project well-suited for student participation
  • Identify key sources of information for learning about HFOSS
  • Identify other participants with similar ideas about applying HFOSS
  • Participate in the TOS community

Quick Links

Schedule for POSSE 2019-01 in New York

Below is the schedule for the stage 2 workshop activities.

Time Activity Team
Day 1
8:30 Breakfast All
9:00 1.1 Welcome
  • Plan for the day
  • Welcome to POSSE
  • Introducing everyone
    • Activity in Etherpad
  • Workshop overview and schedule
Greg, Lori
9:45 1.2 HFOSS in Education
  • 50 Ways to be a FOSSer
  • Exploration of student contributions
    • Activity in Google docs
Heidi, Joanna, Stewart
11:15 Break All
11:30 1.3 HFOSS Concepts
  • Upstream and downstream
  • Typical project elements
  • Licensing
Greg, Karen
12:15 Lunch All
1:30 1.4 Git Intro Activity Greg, Lori
3:15 Break All
3:30 1.5 Approaches to HFOSS Learning
  • HFOSS results and approaches
4:15 1.6 HFOSS in the Curriculum
  • Discussion
    • Options for getting started in courses
    • HFOSS beyond the curriculum
    • Trying to find the right size student project
    • Evaluating student work
    • Instructional style: mentoring vs. lecturing; instructor as co-learner
  • Activity in Google Docs
Lori, Heidi
5:15 Wrap up All
5:30 Dinner - Greek Kitchen Optional
Day 2
8:30 Breakfast All
9:00 2.1 GitHub Workflow Activity Greg, Heidi
Take Break When Convenient All
11:00 2.2 Understanding FOSS Communities
  • Perspective on basic characteristics common in HFOSS communities
  • FOSSisms that capture FOSS culture and methods
    • Activity in Google Docs
Lori, Heidi
12:15 Lunch All
1:30 2.3 Project Evaluation Activity
  • Activity in Google Docs
2:15 2.4 Planning for HFOSS Participation
  • Form groups (based either on courses or HFOSS projects)
  • In each group:
    • Download and install dev environment for HFOSS project if appropriate
    • Identify three things that you would like to get done by the end of POSSE
    • Plan a schedule for accomplishing these
3:15 Break All
3:30 2.5 Sharing HFOSS Learning Activities
  • Review of Activity Template
  • Group work
4:45 2.6 Going Forward
  • POSSE stage 3
  • Evaluation form
  • Open discussion
  • Closing remarks
5:15 End All



  • Server:
  • Channel: #foss2serve

Standard IRC clients may not work at some workshop locations due to port blockage. If you have problems, please let the team know and try one of the Web-based IRC interfaces below.

Web-based IRC Clients


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