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Group Participants

  • Dale <>
  • Ron <>
  • George <>
  • Tom <>
  • Janet <>

Planning an Initial HFOSS Learning Activity

Please discuss and record your group's approach for an initial learning activity. When you have a good draft description of the learning activity using the sections below, you could create a learning activity page for it by copying the Learning Activity Format with Directions.

Course targeted for the activity

  • Software Engineering

Brief description of the activity

  • Students read coding conventions associated with the project -- for example in OpenMRS
  • Students review 1 or more samples of code to see how close sample(s) are to conventions
  • Possible follow-up activity could be fixing the code and submitting it

Time you expect the HFOSS activity to take

  • One homework assignment

Relationship of this activity to course goals/objectives

  • Learn about coding conventions
  • Get practice reading existing code
  • Experience with code from large code base

What students will submit upon completion of the activity

  • Using a template supplied, students will turn in written analysis of the code sample

Approach for assessing the student work

  • Instructor supplies rubric that could include number of violations and some discussion of the seriousness of the violations

Questions or concerns you have about implementing your activity

  • How much knowledge will students need about the FOSS project (e.g. OpenMRS)
  • How much knowledge will the students need about the language
  • The size of the conventions list
  • How much code will be given
  • How much instructor time will be required to find the the code samples

Support you will need to implement your activity

  • Input from the project community about good sources of the code

Planning Stage 3 Activities


We are joining the OpenMRS POSSE Alumni Google Group to keep in touch. That will be our primary (for now) method for setting up future meetings.

Specific Tasks

<What will various group members do.>

  • Janet will try fleshing out the rubric based on her prior experience with a somewhat similar assignment.
  • George will use this assignment in his fall SE class.
  • Dale hopes to use this assignment in his fall OODI class.


<List any resources that you find>

Other Notes

Prior related POSSE groups, if any:

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