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OpenFE Meeting Agenda

Virtual Sprint
December 13, 2013

NOTE: this meeting is a one day sprint conducted in preparation for the January 2014 face-to-face meeting.


9:00 Skype call to get organized
10:00 - 12:00 Working individually or in pairs
12:00 Skype call to summarize and revise
1:00 - 3:00 Working individually or in pairs
3:00 Wave good-bye

Goals for this Meeting

  • Address items that need attention prior to the January face-to-face team meeting
  • Do groundwork for the January 2014 meeting

SIGCSE Planning

  • Draft description of the day and get it on SIGCSE site and FOSS2Serve
    • Should this be a closed meeting?
  • Create an announcement and send to POSSE alums
  • Create agenda for the day at SIGCSE
  • Create list of next tasks and assign to team members
  • Involve student volunteers?
  • Create invitation list and assign contacters:
    • Invite faculty and folks from HFOSS (Inspire-CT)
  • What do we need for workshop?
  • BoF
    • Advertising

To Do

  • Announce OpenFE events on TOS and SIGCSE list


  • Planning for 2014
  • Finalize date
    • Evaluate what is needed to change in curriculum
    • What do we need to talk about in January?
    • What questions are there?
  • Organize changes needed to crurriculum - Need to come up with an approach to updating content.
    • How do we interface last year's POSSE with 2014's?
    • Get ideas of possible attendees
    • Spreadsheet on Dropbox
  • What do we need from Red Hat?
  • Do we want to get someone from OpenMRS, Ushahidi, to:
    • Support in POSSE stage 1?
    • Come to stage 2?


  • Current status
    • Instruments complete
    • Fall data: Monisha
    • Winter data: Becka
    • Outstanding: Sam
  • Who else do we need to reach out to?
  • Use of CAT or other validated instruments
  • Measuring Student Learning and Engagement
  • How to measure stage 3 activity
  • One year post survey for POSSE alum
  • Tracking of individual POSSE alums and what they do with HFOSS
  • John?

Teaching materials

  • How well have we packaged what we have?
  • How do we create/collect more materials?
  • Learning materials sprint?
  • How do we integrate materials created by POSSE participants?

Group Informatics

  • Sub-contract from Drexel to MU
  • Status and development plan
    • How do we get POSSE people to use the environment?
    • Should we move away from Ensemble?

Individual Prep Tasks for January

  • Review the project proposal to identify changes and adjustment we need to make
  • Review your budget and bring a summary of expenditures and balances to the meeting
  • GH Find out how Drexel handles paying POSSE course developers
  • Review John's mapping of tasks and objectives and measurement
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