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The contributor will: fix a bug by submitting a patch and updating the issue tracker. The contribution is: a patch for the bug and updated information in the issue tracker.


Area The contributor must be able to:
Software Configuration
  • Download and install the development environment.
  • Run the program.
Issue Tracker
  • Describe issue trackers and how they are used.
  • Access the issue tracker with appropriate permissions.
  • Read, create, and update issues in a tracker.
  • Understand how to find repository
  • Fork the repository to your github account
  • Clone the repository to your local github
  • Describe the community guidelines for bug management and triage.

Pathway Steps, Outcomes, & Learning Activities

Follow the project’s policies and practices to complete the steps below.

Pathway Step Step Outcome Process Skills Focus Related Learning Activities
1. Verify bug (see Verify a Bug (Pathway)) Bug reproduced
Bug Selection
Reproduce a Bug Activity
2. Claim issue on issue tracker Issue tracker updated
Intro to Bug Trackers (Activity)
3. Find the buggy code Specific lines of code in program identified
Finding the Code Responsible for Behavior
4. Write and test code that attempts to solve the problem Code written and tested for patch
Solving A Bug (Java specific)
Document Code with Meaningful Comments (Activity)
Category:Quality and Testing
5. Submit patch to the community following community norms.(If patch is rejected, go back to step 4.) Patch submitted to community
6. Once accepted or abandoned verify that the issue is updated appropriately Issue updated in issue tracker

Notes for Learning Activities Related to this Pathway

When creating activities:

  1. Indicate the level of programming experience needed.

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