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  • Accessible IDE
    • Simon (speech input solution for KDE)
    • A new "scenario" (configuration + spoken commands, etc) for Eclipse
    • Dasher (alternate text input solution for GNOME)
    • Determine if programming languages can be added (Dasher already supports spoken languages, so this at least conceptually should work).
    • Eclipse (No changes will need to be made to Eclipse, but this is the IDE that will be the focus of this project and the application for which the Simon "scenario" will be created.
  • MouseTrap Resuscitation

People and Roles


Each group will communicate via IRC ( on the appropriate channels: #mousetrap and #a11y. In addition, personal and mailing list mail (gnome accessibility list, kde accessibility list) will be used as appropriate and needed.

How Members Help Each Other

  • Connecting people to different resources.
  • Help navigate the Open source community.

Project vs. Pedagogy

In the beginning, we expect to focus on the project. This will give us a chance to learn what being a FOSSer is like, and grow contacts within FOSS communities. We expect that this will later translate into pedagogical approaches and resources for the classroom.

Specific Immediate Goals

(Timeline TBD)

  • MouseTrap:
    1. Port to Python 3 and GObject Introspection (Joanie)
    2. Figure out what to do about OpenCV (Stoney and Peter)
  • Accessible IDE:
    1. Set up either a Fedora (KDE spin) or Ubuntu (Kubuntu) development environment (64-bit)
    2. Write the Simon developer (via the kde accessibility list)
    3. Write the Dasher developer (vai the gnome accessibility list)
    4. Get more familiar with the code to investigate if the proposed solution is actually doable.


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