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Extending on the work done at POSSE-15 to create a virtual machine with OpenMRS installed, this new version is a ready-made development environment with Eclipse (including the Egit and maven plug-ins). The code for openmrs-core has already been imported to Eclipse as well.

The new version of the appliance for VirtualBox is located at!1655&authkey=!AJVH63jkZeGRmRY&ithint=file%2cova (Warning, this is about 3.6G in size!)

To install this into VirtualBox, follow the same directions as OpenMRS-VM

Once installed, there are some git setting that need to be changed to allow you to work from your fork of the openmrs-core repository (and not the project's repository). Make sure you have made a fork of openmrs-core to your account at GitHub.

Start the virtual machine and run Terminal (link on the bottom task bar)

From there go the openmrs-core directory

  $ cd openmrs-core

Next it is necessary to reassign the origin remote to your copy of the repository, and set the home project's repository as the upstream remote. Execute these commands

  $ git remote add upstream
  $ git remote set-url origin

Finally make sure the source code is up to date (some changes have likely happened since the virtual appliance was created.

  $ git fetch upstream
  $ git checkout master 
  $ git merge upstream/master

It is also recommend to personalize your git configuration.

  $ git config --global "yourusername"
  $ git config --global "youremailaddress"

Then you can start Eclipse (icon on the left side of the desktop - the creator does not know why it isn't the standard Eclipse icon) and the OpenMRS-core will be opened.

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