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November 2014 - Red Hat - Raleigh, NC


Call for Participation



Welcome to the November 2014 POSSE! This page provides some basic information to help you get started.

Set Up

There are several things that you should do to get set up for the POSSE experience. First, read this page thoroughly. Next, check that your wiki login works.


This POSSE will include three stages. The schedule for these stages is shown below.

Stage 1: October 1st - Online activities

The activities for Stage 1 have been subdivided into three segments. Click on the link for each segment and please complete the activities by the due date.

NOTE: the links below show the activities from the May 2014 POSSE. We expect some revision to these for the November 2014 POSSE, but have left these links so people can get a feel for the workshop.

Part A Due by October 15th, 2014
Part B Due by October 29th, 2014
Part C Due by November 12th, 2014

Stage 2: November 13-15 - Workshop at Red Hat in Raleigh, NC

  • Agenda (Logs and resources too!)

Log of the November 13, 2014 Day 1 POSSE Face-2-Face Complete Meeting Log - here are just the meeting minutes

Stage 3: November 16 and beyond - Small group participation in HFOSS projects


This POSSE provides support for travel, lodging, and meals. Details will be provided to participants by email.


POSSE 2014-11 Participants.


  1. IRC:
    1. First connect to the server via the command: /server irc.freenode.net
    2. Second, join the foss2serve channel via the command: /join #foss2serve
  2. Wiki
  3. POSSE HFOSS projects

Additional Information

If you have questions contact one of the team members. For local arrangements, contact Greg Hislop at hislop at drexel.edu

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