POSSE 2019-01 Participants

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The participants in POSSE 2019-01 are:

  • Darci Burdge, Nassau Community College - email: Darci.Burdge@ncc.edu
  • Robert Domanski, NY City Government - email: Rdomanski at sbs.nyc.gov, Wiki page: Rob's Wiki
  • Heidi Ellis, Western New England University - email: ellis at wne.edu, Blog: Heidi Ellis' blog
  • Mira Franke, Kean University - email: mfranke at kean.edu
  • Susan Imberman, College of Staten Island, CUNY Central Office, susan.imberman at csi.cuny.edu
  • Steven Fulakeza, Lehman College College, CUNY - email: steven.fulakeza at lehman.cuny.edu
  • Hunter Johnson, John Jay College, CUNY - email: hujohnson at jjay.cuny.edu
  • Joanna Klukowska, New York University - email: joannakl at cs.nyu.edu
  • Chris Merlo, Nassau Community College - email: cmerlo@ncc.edu
  • Patricia Morreale, Kean University - email: pmorreal at kean.edu
  • Sharon Persinger, Bronx Community College, CUNY - email: sharon.persinger@bcc.cuny.edu, sharon.persinger@gmail.com
  • Lori Postner, Nassau Community College - email: Lori.Postner@ncc.edu
  • Elin Waring, Lehman College, CUNY - elin: elin.waring at lehman.cuny.edu
  • Stewart Weiss, Hunter College, CUNY - email: stewart.weiss@hunter.cuny.edu
  • Sarah Zelikovitz, College of Staten Island, CUNY - email: sarah.zelikovitz at csi.cuny.edu
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