Pathways Model Workshop 2016

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Pathways Model Workshop

Overview: This workshop will bring together members of Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software (HFOSS) project communities and faculty members to review a draft model of learning pathways for student involvement in HFOSS. The model defines and sequences student learning activities that prepare students for successful HFOSS participation. Workshop attendees will focus on refining this model, including identification of entry-level knowledge, establishment of knowledge and skills required for HFOSS participation, and definition of learning outcomes that can move a student from entry-level knowledge to HFOSS participation.

Location: Nassau Community College, Garden City, NY.

Date and Time: 5:00 p.m. Thursday February 4th through lunchtime Saturday February 6th

Notes: Additional logistical information and ad hoc notes available here


The goals of this workshop include:

  1. Foster collaboration between universities and HFOSS communities with regard to education of potential contributors
    • Discuss and analyze needs and challenges from each perspective (academic and HFOSS project)
    • Identify particular opportunities to improve success rates of potential contributors
  2. Review assumptions about entry knowledge of students
  3. Refine the definition of knowledge and skills required for HFOSS participation
  4. Verify the existing pathway model draft
    • Is the structure of the model appropriate?
    • Are there alternative implementations of the model?
    • Is the model:
      • Understandable
      • Usable
      • Reflective of reality
  5. Refine the list of paths proposed to be implemented first using the model
    • Which paths are most approachable by students?
    • Which paths are most valuable to the HFOSS community?
    • To what extent can paths be implemented as general activities vs activities specific to a project?
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the model?
  6. Identify the existing resources to support learning
    • Are there existing learning activities that can map to paths or steps in a path?



Time Activity Facilitators
Thursday February 4th, 2016
4:00-5:00 PM

Arrive at Nassau Community College - building CCB, room 251

5:00 PM
  • Informal introductions
  • Dinner
6:30 PM
  • Welcome
  • Introductions
  • Logistics
  • Workshop overview
Darci and Greg
8:30 Return to hotel
Friday February 5th, 2016
8:00 Breakfast At hotel for participants in hotel
9:00 AM


  • The big picture - Student involvement in open source
  • Difference in faculty versus open source perspective
  • Barriers to student involvement in open source
  • Overview of OpenPath/foss2serve
10:30 AM BREAK All
10:45 AM

Community Perspective

  • What goals do communities have with regard to new contributors
  • What makes a successful contributor?
  • See a list of suggested Community Perspective Discussion questions
12:15 LUNCH - Walk? All
1:30 PM

Pathways Model

  • Model Overview
  • Presentation of set of pathways and detail on Verify Bug pathway
  • Evaluation
    • Community input into model/approach
    • Is the set of pathways correct?
    • Is the set of pathways complete?
Greg and Darci
3:00 PM

Pathway Details:

  • Based on results of assessment of pathways in previous step.
  • Review existing pathways
  • Create new pathways
Heidi and Lori
4:30 PM Continue work on Pathways All
5:30 PM Dinner: Passione, 231 Old Country Rd, Carle Place All
Saturday February 6th, 2016
8:00 Breakfast At hotel for participants in hotel
9:00 AM

HFOSS/University interactions:

  • What is the ideal interaction model between HFOSS communities and universities
    • What works?
    • What would make things go smoother?
    • What does HFOSS/University nirvana look like?
      • GSoC? Hackathons? Hopper Open Source Day?
Greg and Lori
10:30 AM BREAK All
10:45 AM

Organizing Next Steps:

  • What resources exist to support paths?
  • What resources need to be built/found?
  • What else should be done to improve the new contributor on-ramp?
12:15 LUNCH - Walk? All
1:00 PM Wrap up All
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