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About OpenMRS

Official Website

Visit the OpenMRS website


Looking to get started at a developer? Read the blog post about a new book for OpenMRS developers

Recent Activity

Learn about recent activity in OpenMRS from

OpenMRS in the Classroom


The following faculty are using, have used or are planning to use OpenMRS in a class.

Meeting Time

Spring: TBD by a Doodle Poll - IRC: #foss2serve on freenode

Want to review our previous IRC Meetings?

Getting Started

  • Sign up on OpenMRS Community [1]
  • Sign up for mailing list(s)
  • Gather information on weekly meetings for various groups (OpenMRS University, Development, Design) - see below

Initial Plans:

  • Download, install, etc.
  • Track our own "journey" on how to approach the project - be able to model for a student
  • Try to get to the point of being able to make a small contribution to the community

Useful Links

OpenMRS Info:

General Links:

OpenMRS Meetings:

Links from the 6/5 OpenMRS University Call
Links found based upon 6/5 call
Links from the 6/6 OpenMRS Developers Call
Links from the 6/12 OpenMRS University Call
  • Recording of Meeting: [3]

Work in Progress

An in-class activity to get students to think about the roll of open source in their career planning. Career Planning

An assignment for students to watch videos about OpenMRS and the technologies used in the project. OpenMRS.Setup

Directions to handle an OpenMRS ticket OpenMRS.Ticket. Note: There are two FIXME comments in the file that state questions I have about git. Anyone have answers?

Outline for an independent study course. J. Taormina I.S. Fall 2013

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