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==Group Members==
==Group Members==
Foss2serve contact: Cam MacDonell
Foss2serve contact: Cam Macdonell
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There are usually some on the [ Ushahidi Blog]
There are usually some on the [ Ushahidi Blog]
[ Witness Pollution Map (Louisiana)]
[ Penang Hills Watch]
[ Penang Hills Watch]

Latest revision as of 16:46, 14 April 2017

This page is intended as a place to put notes from the POSSE Ushahidi group. This page is under active development as we start to get ourselves organized.


Group Members

Foss2serve contact: Cam Macdonell

Ushahidi POSSE Alumni:

  • Monisha Pulimood
  • Alan Rea
  • Samuel A. Rebelsky

Installation Instructions

We will use a virtual machine to install Ushahidi

Some Installations of Ushahidi

Exercise: Find some deployments and post links to the Etherpad.

There are usually some on the Ushahidi Blog

Penang Hills Watch

Great Lakes Commons

Playing with the API

This will be demonstrated at the POSSE


Assignments will be decided on at the POSSE


Miscellaneous Notes

The Future of Ushahidi

Ushahidi has completed a fairly significant rewrite over the past few years. The new version is quite stable now and features iOS and Android applications all of which are open source.

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