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A Pathway is a sequence of steps that a practitioner would follow to contribute to a humanitarian free and open source (HFOSS) project. Pathway steps are supported by Learning Activities and Learning Modules.

Each pathway results in a contribution that benefits the project in some observable way. Pathways Concepts help to identify the process skills and knowledge needed to make such a contribution. This in turn allows us to develop and organize Learning Activities to help students develop these Process Skills and knowledge. In this way, pathways help instructors identify course materials to help students learn to contribute to HFOSS projects.

To add a pathway, use the Pathway Format with Directions. To evaluate a pathway, use the Pathway Rubric. For lists of possible pathways that have not yet been documented, see Possible Pathways and Learning Activities.

The Subcategory heading below lists pathways on this site. Each pathway is a category so that Learning Activities and Learning Modules can be categorized with pathways.

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